'80's & a Whisper

Confession: It wasn't easy to find my voice & use the right words ...

I'm a lover of old movies & believe it or not, Dolly Parton inspired my dream business.

It wasn’t her songs 'Coat of Many Colors or Islands in the Stream' … but rather, her film debut with Lilly & Jane from back in the ’80’s – a simple comedy called Nine to Five.

Now, unlike her character, Dora-lee … I had no plan of duct-taping, my boss, to a chair to seek revenge but I was inspired ... to use my gift of storytelling for business & to DITCH MY 9 TO 5!

page turn: i took a chance to make what matters happen!

Throughout each scene, I not only marveled at Dolly's big hair & hefty shoulder pads but relived the moments of the struggle. Now, I choose not to bash corporate life for it taught me a great deal. But I am thankful to have left it behind.  (Yup, that happened) 


No more settling for approved vacation plans & a limited income.

I had enough.

I was ditchin’ 9 to 5 life FOR GOOD.

I have always done things differently ... perhaps that's why I didn't last in corporate life & dared to dream big. And, that out of the box thinking followed me into entrepreneurship too. 

In the monotony of it all, I vividly remember, the idea of utilizing storytelling to elevate women.

At the time, I was not myself. I was shape-shifting to fit in. My voice was small. My marriage was in repair. I was on a quest to get my smile back ... a journey where things run deep ... a dark place you hear Gollum whisper "precious, oh my precious" as you feverishly attempt to find yourself.

Perhaps you've worked a 9 to 5 & also felt an overwhelming desire to be your own boss?

I bet you know how things spiral into a feeling freenzie while you attempt to balance a job with side hustle coaching ... focused on your personal lead-gen machine, while working hard to covert browsers into buyers as you offer up 'all the feels'.  

 My engagement I'll admit, was at an all time low. During meetings, I began to daydream.
And, I wasn't the only dreamer.

Others also had big dreams & a desire to set their story free. To speak up & to be heard.
I often envisioned flying out the second story window (blue butterfly style) to make my escape. Until one day, I sought freedom, 'fluttering across the parking lot to my getaway car', it hit me.

Just as simple storytelling can whisk you away; I envisioned women putting 'pen to paper' to use emotional branding (STORY) as a differentiator. A carefully crafted task to fill the value gap & captivate your ideal coaching clients one story at a time. 

The struggle Dora-lee & I shared came to an end ... those meaningful moments led me to take action. And, you can too! I already knew it to be true; storytelling was not only an art or science but a highly valuable business skill. So, transformational in fact, I haven't heard Gollum's whisper since & my big smile is back!

I left corporate life to combine two things I love - business & storytelling - to craft captivating stories for you to share with your dream audience.   

To date, I’ve brought stories to life with women CEO's, Executive to Mid-Level Employees, Entrepreneurs & others spanning across various industries.


Straight talk, strong women & blue butterflies. I believe that storytelling can be your #1 business tool. My job is to craft each word.


Shape-shifting, hepeating,fruity drinks, hate, nor cutting out family & friends to make room for business. 


Cuddled up with a novel, on VIP calls with my fabulous clients, cooking & slow dancing with my gorgeous hubby.

daily rituals

Gratitude, cuddles with my fur baby, bear hugs with my kiddos & BFF's, peanut butter on toast, gym routine & great skincare (Primally Pure, what!) 

work with lt

who is lt?

And now, I work with you. I promise when the last word is written, you'll agree, your story is worth sharing!






Suits ... Donna & Harvey 

A Chocolate Shake, Yum!

The Sun Does Shine

Oatmeal Cookies & Chai Tea



Tunes that Bring Out Sass

On the ole Myers-Briggs, I am an ENFJ, noted as empathetic, genuine & warm. I’m a #3 – Achiever on The Enneagram but as I'm in the mood to share ... I think #7 – The Enthusiast is more my style as I love to live it up & I love, like love … what I do! I’ve been keepin’ it real forever … & if you’re lookin’ for me … keep an eye out blue butterflies. 

So … here’s the good news … you’ve found a safe place, where there is no judgment, only BFF like support &
a proven Brand Story framework to draw out your best.

Curious If We're a Fit?

Imagine working with women you adore, nailing her vibe & voice in a story that naturally reflects her identity, showcases her fame-factor & crafts a dream message to captivate rockstar clients. 

Work with LT

that's what i do!

I Would Love to Help You Tell Your Story From 

the Inside Out 

My Favorite Things

Laughter — I'm told my big, bold laugh is contagious. What's better than making someone smile?

live, laugh, love!

Nature! It's where I find my zen ... where all of my big ideas flow.

Designing. I'm the gal who loves decor ... transforming a house into a fabulous home. All things warm, texture ... full of life, laughter & love. 

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. Wayfarers kickstarter semiotics, quinoa godard dreamcatcher hexagon pop-up hoodie.

my guilty pleasure

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Ice cream. Microdosing gochujang keffiyeh salvia. Hoodie knausgaard art party.

Photos! Hashtag fashion axe palo santo fanny pack, ramps cornhole messenger bag asymmetrical direct trade slow-carb everyday carry chartreuse tofu godard.

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  flavored coffee






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straight up


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Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / Disagree? 

“If I didn't work with Lara, I'd still be staring at a blank screen.”


So kelly says:

let's work together

I'm here to inspire you to captivate your dream audience.  
To translate your personality & passion into words you can share with the world.


Value is in everyday stories like ours!