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swap out bro-like marketing or cookie-cutter copy for one-of-a-kind copy that primes & connects. 

It can take 9 years to become top-of-mind.
You don't have that kind of time.

Ready to leave behind "why do I sound like all the rest?"

Straight up - be real, raw
(& a lil' rebellious).

And *ahem* "how do I stand out & connect with my audience?"

Okay, good news, bad news.

Good news, we're finally d-o-n-e with bro-marketing, cookie cutter copy and corporate BS.

And we're well beyond sounding like everyone else (because of "BeST PrActiCes").

You're allowed to stand out (rebel) and reveal the real you.

*clinks bourbon glass*

But the challenge is, now you need to sound more like yourself. Yet, nobody ever taught you to do that.

And when you sounds so forced.

Now, before I dive into the bad news, I have one piece of GREAT news that you're gonna love.


But the bad news?

You're telling it all wrong.

"But Lara, I just need emails and webcopy."

Yep...but without finding your "special something," your brand messaging will sound like everyone else.

(But since you're here and got a lil' bit of inner bad ass in you, it won't take long to find).

Straight-up...a damn good story enhances your business.

And without knowing your brand voice, what you stand for and what to say, you'll lack the right themes to email and write about.

Okay, more good news...

I can write this for you in less than 24 hours.

“I was lost in my own thoughts so I knew Lara could work wonders with my content. Writing ain't easy but she is a genius. Lara wrote instrumental copy - $78K launch!”  




“I was worried I had no story to tell. I was wrong. Lara was so approachable & an exceptional listener. She created messaging that came from the heart. It felt as though she was part of my team & I loved working with her. Now my business no longer sounds like all the rest.” 




“I now know the undeniable truth ... you need a brand story to differentiate yourself & scale your business. My pitch is now spot on. Forever grateful!”




“When I started my business I bought everything but the kitchen sink ... ughhh ... little did I know my story mattered & copy was #1. From the first draft I knew I made the perfect choice. LT is so kind, hilarious & one amazing copywriter!”




“LT was my saving grace & I am so thankful I found her. This girl has the biggest heart. She brought it all together ... I would trust no one else to rework my website & my messaging.



         HAPPY CLIENT, Lee M.                

“I was at an all time low when I found LT. Who knew a woman with the biggest laugh (I’ve ever heard) could work wonders on me, my story & my business. Now I believe in my message as do others, my sales have increased 3X over. LT you are a light!”




“Honestly, the end result was exactly what I needed. LT's storytelling copy changed my business forever.” 




Copywriting Services...

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wait, wait there's a way...

eager to cut the Sh*t to have your copy project Done & dusted
(+ start making money)... 

Am I getting warm? You:

struggle to capture the ideas swirling around in your head 

have no idea what's tmi & what words work 

secretly need more time to binge Suits (agreed: Harvey's a dream) 

have places to go & things to do...CAN'T WAIT 4-6 weekS FOR copy

would fork over your last ooey gooey brownie for clients to say..."you're MY PERSON"

suffer from blank page syndrome (yah, it's a thing), and the thought of writing emails or webcopy to rebel against sameness, has become too're on the edge. 

tell me more

In less than 24 hours, i'll refine your COPY and define your brand voice & MESSAGING to rebel against sameness and hit the sweet spot. 

Find that *special something* that sets you apart.

rebellion session

unleash your voice


set yourself apart with ONE-OF-A-KIND emails & web copy...make 'em binge worthy, bursting with personality and a lil' unexpected. 

If your emails are sitting unopened or your website isn't consistently generating leads, you're missing endless opportunities to grow your business and I can help... 

custom emails & Webcopy

"LT has unbelievably good ideas, & an amazing ability for getting into the hearts & minds of my clients."
- JeSSA k. 

I genuinely care about bringing your unique message to life & getting results. 

Trusted by:

I've written copy for brands like David's Tea, re/max & second cup + 6 & 7-Figure small biz owners...  

"I’m so grateful to have found you to help me bring all my big ideas to life.
- Camille R.

Your words aren't always perfect, but with the right words, your message is imperfectly beautiful. 


Her Bold Message is a podcast hosting bold voices that’s equal parts buttoned-up and rebellious. We cover everything from intentional, strategic messaging that makes you say “Dang, why didn’t I think of that!” to business tips and personal stories that’ll knock your socks off.

Her Bold Message.

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