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It's time your words made an impact (& you, more money). 

I'll help you create high-value messaging that calls in clients so you can avoid the spotlight.

Hello there, Friend

how amazing would IT feel to wake up to inquiries or a fully booked calendar & money in the bank? PRETTY DANG GOOD I BET.  

“I'm not a writer, so I knew Lara could work wonders with my emails and website. My message now sounds like ME, it’s fresh, exciting & converts. $170K Launch baby! Lara can work her magic with your vision & your each piece of copy.”  




“I was worried I had no story to tell. I was wrong. Lara was so approachable & an exceptional listener. She created messaging that came from the heart. It felt as though she was part of my team & I loved working with her. Now my business no longer sounds like all the rest.” 




“I now know the undeniable truth ... you need a brand story to differentiate yourself & scale your business. My pitch is now spot on. Forever grateful!”




“When I started my business I bought everything but the kitchen sink ... ughhh ... little did I know my story mattered & copy was #1. From the first draft I knew I made the perfect choice. LT is so kind, hilarious & one amazing copywriter!”




“LT was my saving grace & I am so thankful I found her. This girl has the biggest heart. She brought it all together ... I would trust no one else to rework my website & my messaging.



         HAPPY CLIENT, Lee M.                

“I was at an all time low when I found LT. Who knew a woman with the biggest laugh (I’ve ever heard) could work wonders on me, my story & my business. Now I believe in my message as do others, my sales have increased 3X over. LT you are a light!”




“Honestly, the end result was exactly what I needed. LT's storytelling copy changed my business forever.” 




Copywriting Services...

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If writing personality-infused copy to escape the sea of similarity is a little more than you can handle, this VIP package is perfect for you.  

your choice to revise emails, pitches, Sales Page or web copy will be done & dusted in a day.

buckle up these are copy power hours. 

Need a few things checked off your to-do list?

VIP Session - done in a day

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get copy now

where Each page stands apart...

with big-picture storytelling, structure &
your unique voice.

you can write the draft and i'll line edit, or share your vision and i'll write from a to z.

I know powerful words get noticed. will yours?

Give your audience words they can sink their teeth into. 

imagine building your credibility, engaging ideal clients & generating sales with ease...

a well-written ebook can help you do just that.

1. the OPTI method to take your Email & website from crickets to conversions. 

2. Brand voice & messaging - everything from your style, voice & vision that you can use repeatedly.  

3. a signature framework we dig deep & done n' dusted in two weeks.  It's full of personality & value driven (website copy + emails up to 14 days).

4. light it up questionnaire is an exercise that clients rave about. It's set up to absorb all the feels - the how, who, what & why you do what you do.  

we kick things off with a BFF like call full of open-ended questions. and as we nail down your brand voice &'ll get pages of personality-infused, action inducing web copy 
(+ emails).  *package

My client's refuse to blend in - do you? Time to STAND OUT in 4 easy steps.


    website & email copy

get pitchin'

this is not your average pitch.

Each pitch is customized & results driven.

with chutzpah, heart & soul.

it's an effective marketing tool 
to maximize your visibility & generate new leads.

you can be featured on a top-rated podcast or connect with brands you'd love to serve.

seperate yourself from all the rest...

done in 5 easy steps.

Expand your reach. work with bigger clients & on better projects. 

use pitch with purpose to grow your business.

Podcast & new client pitches

"LT has unbelievably good ideas, & an amazing ability for getting into the hearts & minds of my clients."
- JeSSA k. 

I genuinely care about bringing your unique message to life & getting results. 

Trusted by:

I've written copy for brands like David's Tea, re/max & second cup + 6 & 7-Figure small biz owners...  

"I’m so grateful to have found you to help me bring all my big ideas to life.
- Camille R.

Your words aren't always perfect, but with the right words, your message is imperfectly beautiful. 


Her Bold Message is a podcast hosting bold voices that’s equal parts buttoned-up and rebellious. We cover everything from intentional, strategic messaging that makes you say “Dang, why didn’t I think of that!” to business tips and personal stories that’ll knock your socks off.

Her Bold Message.

not your average podcast

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Use the power of great copy to be known in your niche, embrace dream clients & market your message to sign clients on demand.

5 Secrets to A Better Story

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Ever Wonder Why Some Entrepreneurs Thrive & Others Get Left Behind? This Will Bring it All to Light! 

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