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Would you finally ditch spam packed emails, embrace automation, and refresh tired website words to drive your business forward - fast? 

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People ask for my help when they're...

Hi, I'm Lara Taylor

(Aka The Brand Copywriter)

I'm best known for creating marketing masterpieces for brands looking to scale their email lists, drive revenue, and build a loyal customer database through effective email marketing, high-converting web copy, and strategy.

"LT is an invaluable part of our business - our website is like new and she got our emails out of the promo tab! LT's copywriting magic is here to stay!"

- G. Sheridian, BTW Sales & Marketing 

email isn't dead! Growing a profitable email list is easier than ever with lt.

LT's email marketing is sexy!

The copy blew us away!

"My email marketing is sexy! It's enabled me to differentiate my business. Loyal customers have become repeat buyers and thanks to LT my sales have increased 2X".

- Calli H., Health Coach

“For years we made very little from our 15k list. Fast forward - Lara is a dang magician. Lara and her team got us out of the Promo tab and her copy blew us away. We increased our sales by 33.8%".

- David D., Consultant

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“I was worried I had no story to tell. I was wrong. Lara was so approachable & an exceptional listener. I loved working with her. Now my business no longer sounds like all the rest.” 




“I now know the undeniable truth - you need a sales story to differentiate yourself & scale your business. My brand is now spot on. Forever grateful.”



“When I started my business I wasted time & money. I did not know what I needed. Then I made the best decision - I hired LT - kind, hilarious & one fantastic copywriter!”



“I am so thankful I found LT. This gal is rebellious! There was no way she would let our copy sound like the next guy. LT revised our website copy (amazing) & is now paid monthly to write ALL of our emails. 


         HAPPY CLIENT, Lee M.                

“I was at an all time low when I found LT. Who knew a woman with the biggest laugh (I’ve ever heard) could work wonders on me, my story & my business. Now I believe in my message as do others, my sales have increased 3X over. LT you are a light!”



“Honestly, it was time for me to rebel against the use of old templates. The end result was exactly what I needed. LT's copywriting changed my business forever.” 



Copywriting Services...

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  • Educational, promotional, and nurturing copy.
  • Deliverability, optimization, spam slam, and email strategy.
  • Therapeutic Compelling content to sell your offers.
  • Invaluable secrets to boost your email open rates without changing your ESP, and costing you a mint. 

Get on brand emails, optimized campaigns, and your email list professionally managed...  

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Questions: Looking to captivate your prospects and build a long-game connection with your ideal audience?

Where they deeply resonate with your brand and become highly engaged customers ready to embrace your offer…

If you are:

  • hoping to sell an offer on autopilot
  • struggling to get increase open rates
  • looking to trim or re-engage your list
  • confused why sales are lagging via email
  • losing sales to abandoned carts

Here's the solution: Invest in Email Marketing Campaigns

Whether you're looking to keep your audience entertained with captivating stories or educate and sell your offers with ease, it's a fact - email is one of the most effective marketing methods out there!

How it works: Come to the couch table with your vision*; we'll strategize, I'll gather your #goldennuggets, and transform your everyday stories into deeply rooted emails about your offer, voice, and your customers' challenge/want.

*monthly chats to snag your stories to batch emails, or I can run wild!

Process: Zoom strategy call, brand voice nail down, story docs, and subject lines in 1-week or less.

Available: Automation, abandoned cart emails, nurture (or bonding) emails, sales emails, hybrid emails, welcome email sequences, and more.

Email Marketing Campaigns - What about 'em?



Set yourself apart with high-converting emails that get results... Make 'em binge worthy, bursting with personality and a lil' unexpected. 

If your emails are sitting unopened, landing in Promo or Spam and not consistently generating leads, you're missing endless opportunities to grow your list and scale your business! 

   custom emails

    Written on your behalf...

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I'm your Email Expert/personal storyteller to keep your audience engaged, responsive and buying your stuff. 

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Looking to build a rapport with your customers, add a little flair, hit that sweet spot and put a new spin on it?

Send out more personality-infused, value-driven emails to your customer to increase those open rates and generate consistent sales.

      Any offer. Any season.

     *custom retainer package

    email weekly*

refresh, Yes!

I'll refine your brand voice & messaging and differentiate your big offers to create a marketing masterpiece that can attract attention and generate real sales.

Your website copy needs a makeover, but you don't want to spend 10K hittin' the refresh button...

I've got you covered with conversion website copy - it'll give your brand a boost & ditch the bland, boring bits.  

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Starts a $1800 CDN

Your words aren't always perfect, but with the right words, your message is imperfectly beautiful. 


Let's Walk In Their Shoes! It's a podcast hosting bold voices that are equal parts buttoned-up and rebellious. We learn from personal stories that make us laugh, cry, and nudge us to be better in all aspects of our lives. Take a stroll with us - see the world through their eyes, and mull over what it's like to walk in their shoes.

Let's Walk In Their Shoes!

not your average podcast

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 All the feels...

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Use the power of amplified (& simplified) copy to generate more leads, more engagement, more sales.

5 Secrets to A Better Story

it's not an on the house cocktail, but it's close

Ever Wonder Why Some Entrepreneurs Thrive & Others Get Left Behind? This Will Bring it All to Light! 

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