Where Email Marketing is Deeply Rooted.

Strategic - customer lifecycle strategy, email deliverability, reduced churn and results. 

Storytelling - positive emotional charge (compelling copy) that educates and engages your customers e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e.

Management - increase open rates, use testing to optimize, and manage email platforms.

I help brands gain more leverage in their market resulting in more impact, and profit.

It can take months to increase subscribers & sales.

You don't have that kind of time.

I help brands land in the inbox and sell more from email.

  • creative targeted messaging on a personal level
  • no boring broadcast emails!
  • highly focused on deliverability
  • email automation with all the feels of a savvy hand-written letter!

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"LT & her team are trusted partners and an invaluable part of our team - they increased our CTR by 78.8%."
- G. Sheridian, BTW Sales & Marketing 

Trusted by:

"our email marketing has enabled us to expand our business during the pandemic. our loyal customers have become repeat buyers and thx to LT our sales have increased 2X".
- Cam h., consultant

Okay, good news, bad news.

Good news, you're finally d-o-n-e with boring, half-a**ed emails.

And you want to avoid sounding salesy, sleazy or the same as everyone else.

You're ready to reveal what's behind the curtain to...

Increase your open rates (& conversions). 

Avoid the Promo tab and Spam folder.

And ditch exclamation mark-ridden copy that people roll their eyes at.

Even if you're new or looking to hit $100K plus months - the same principles apply...

But the bad news?

You need a proven process with a Positive Emotional Charge to create connections, drive conversions and maintain good deliverability.

Where we take the ick out of sales by crafting emotive emails that are real, raw and relatable ('cause every detail matters) to appeal to prospective customers (& existing ones) so they opt-in, click and buy.

"Let's cut to the chase LT, we need emails that connect and sell, TODAY!"

Got it. With my special touch - via the Deeply Rooted Framework - I can do just that.

My repeatable step by step process, is a healthy dose of ethical persuasion, specificity and visual language applied to unique themes best suited to market, test and write about.

I know what to say (& I'm certified) to increase deliverability, optimization and sales. 

“For years we made very little from our 15k list. Fast forward - Lara is a dang magician. Lara and her team got us out of the promo tab plus wrote copy that blew us away. We increased our open rates by 34%!”  


“I was worried I had no story to tell. I was wrong. Lara was so approachable & an exceptional listener. I loved working with her. Now my business no longer sounds like all the rest.” 




“I now know the undeniable truth - you need a sales story to differentiate yourself & scale your business. My brand is now spot on. Forever grateful.”



“When I started my business I wasted time & money. I did not know what I needed. Then I made the best decision - I hired LT...who is so kind, hilarious & one fantastic copywriter!”



“I am so thankful I found LT. This gal is rebellious! There was no way she would let our copy sound like the next guy. LT revised our website copy (amazing) & is now paid monthly to write ALL of our emails. 


         HAPPY CLIENT, Lee M.                

“I was at an all time low when I found LT. Who knew a woman with the biggest laugh (I’ve ever heard) could work wonders on me, my story & my business. Now I believe in my message as do others, my sales have increased 3X over. LT you are a light!”



“Honestly, it was time for me to rebel against the use of old templates. The end result was exactly what I needed. LT's copywriting changed my business forever.” 



Copywriting Services...

Manage please!

I'll write educational, promotional and nurturing copy, run continuous A/B testing to optimize your list, segment and collaborate to create endless compelling content.

Get on brand emails, strategy, optimized campaigns, and your email platform professionally managed.  

  email list management

  Premium Service 


Set yourself apart with endless engaging emails that gets results...make 'em binge worthy, bursting with personality and a lil' unexpected. 

If your emails are sitting unopened and you're not consistently generating leads, you're missing endless opportunities to grow your business and I can help. 

   custom emails

    Written on your behalf...

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Get emails based on market research and a deep understanding of your customer base,  to increase those open rates and sales.

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I'll refine your copy: big ideas, brand voice & MESSAGING to create a marketing masterpiece that will get attention and generate sales.

You've got subscribers and now you need copy that converts! I've got you covered.  

  COPY edits & refresh

  Premium VIP Service 

Your words aren't always perfect, but with the right words, your message is imperfectly beautiful. 


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