How are you, really? 


This is not a trick question, I promise.

But it's likely a hard one to answer...

If you're tired of pretending you have it all together, let's work through the life you struggle with behind closed doors.

Women connect with me when...

Hi, I'm Lara (Torrance) Taylor

 Registered Social Worker

I specialize in working with women who are struggling through affair recovery, anxiety, burnout, career and life transitions, low mood, relationship issues, and voice building.

What if you had strategies in place to feel
 confident and in control no matter the challenge?

Where you no longer felt overwhelmed, stressed or alone.

It could be life changing, right?

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"Lara is patient, very kind, and a true blessing. It is evident Lara has true compassion for people. Lara helped me land a big promotion." - S.A  

Lara has true compassion for her clients.

i actually look forward to therapy.

Lt is a breath of fresh air

"At times, all I want to do is get away from it all! Now that I'm working with LT, I know when to take a deep breath, gather my thoughts, and walk through the steps. I actually look forward to therapy sessions with LT because she listens with an open heart and never judges me". - C.H

“I have briefly worked with 2 other therapists, we did not gel. LT on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air. She is compassionate, professional, and so understanding with affair recovery. Working with LT is pure magic". - S.A

“When I started my business I wasted time & money. I did not know what I needed. Then I made the best decision - I hired LT - kind, hilarious & one fantastic copywriter!”



“I am so thankful I found LT. This gal is a pro! LT revised our website copy (amazing) & is now paid monthly to write ALL of our emails. 


         HAPPY CLIENT, Lee M.                

“I was at an all time low when I found LT. Who knew a woman with the biggest laugh (I’ve ever heard) could work wonders on me, my story & my business. Now I believe in my message as do others, my sales have increased 3X over. LT you are a light!”



“Honestly, it was time for me to discard the old templates. The end result was exactly what I needed. LT's copywriting changed my business forever.” 



 This is your journey.

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