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December 20, 2019

Everyone can benefit from having a coach. Heck, I am a firm believer we should all experience the support and encouragement from a coach or mentor to further our success and happiness.

But not everyone will benefit from having YOU as their coach. Nor should you think they will. The fact is your knowledge, skill-set coaching style and expertise make you the perfect coach for a very specific person – sometimes known as your dream (or ideal) client.

Positioning yourself as an expert and promoting your coaching program as the perfect solution to work through his or her specific challenges, is what will help you demand a much higher rate than the coach who tries to serve a wider audience. Like the saying goes: “if you attempt to speak to the masses, you are speaking to no one.” Your ideal clients will value your advice much more – and be more likely to act on it successfully, when they know they are part of a carefully chosen subset (niche) of a larger market.
Keep in mind you need to differentiate yourself from the X number of coaches out there. The task of learning to differentiate yourself and promote your brand is very important but a topic for another day! Reflect upon the question, would you hire you? Why? This exercise will explore what you have to offer, showcase your value and your overall belief in your ability to provide coaching support to make an impact. Be confident in your ability to speak to why you are the ideal coach to work with. Remember you are not selling coaching but rather the solution to working through their pain points, so they arrive at their end goal – resulting in a positive change.

So how do you attract your ideal client you may ask?

The first step which should be an obvious one, is to find out who s/he is. Ask yourself:

  • Who her supportive network consists of – is she married? Does she have children or fur babies? Does she live in a house or an apartment? Does she reside in the city or in a rural area?
  • What her socio-economic status is – is she wealthy or working class? From a privileged or more humble background? Does she have a job? Own her own business? Where does she shop? Where does she hang out online?
  • How old is she? Is she just out of college or university? Is she an empty nester? Retiree? Is she looking to kick-start her Second Act?
  • What are the notable challenges (pain points) you are uniquely positioned to help her solve? For example, if you’re a branding expert with a background in jewelry design, you’re the ideal solution / coach for an up-and-coming jewelry maker who has trouble differentiating herself from the crowd. The pain points you’re answering for her is “How can I stand out in a crowded market and sell more jewelry?”

Once you know the answers to these questions (and there are many others) you will know exactly how to reach your ideal client. As a result of a little research you’ll know:

  • Where she hangs out – online networking groups, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn groups, local meetups, and gathering places for like-minded individuals. Chances are if your dream client is spending time in one group, there are also other potential clients in the same space who could benefit from your coaching.
  • Where she aspires to be – your dream client has goals, and if you can discover them and create a plan to get her there, she’ll gladly pay you a premium for your coaching services. Engage. Empower. Elevate

If you’re just starting out, it can seem daunting to identify your dream client, her needs, and where she spends her time. As you work with more and more people though, you’ll be better able to refine your message – including your email marketing, sales copy, social media outreach, and more – and you will naturally begin to attract exactly who you want to work with.

Wishing you much success!


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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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