3 Reasons You Gotta Love Rapport Building

January 20, 2020

Messages Are Often Lost but Feelings Last a Lifetime!

You can be an expert and promote your services until the cows come home BUT if you avoid client engagement and struggle to build a rapport with your target market, you are going nowhere fast!

Even if it means you need to work out of your comfort zone to embrace a Client Engagement Model, then so be it! If you cringe at the thought of talking to strangers or conducting a discovery call with someone who has a less than vibrant personality, then girl you have a bit of work to do! I am here for you. Connect with me at so I can help you build a fabulous rapport with ‘Anton, Jasmine, or Kindra’ to get more clients online and make more money!

Acquiring new leads – it either excites you or terrifies you. Before you go sticking your head in the sand. Take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and tell yourself you’ve got this. So, whether you wear several hats because YOU ARE the business or you have team members, no worries…there is a way to turn things around fast. Truth be told, you gotta love what you do and love to interact with others. If you don’t, I seriously question if you made the right choice to be a Coach or a Service-Provider.

Time for Reflection …

Now, this may seem harsh, but I would be doing you a disservice if this was not brought to your attention. If you continue to struggle to attract clients, often, your decision, whether subconsciously or otherwise; to not focus on rapport building and dismiss client engagement, will continue to hold you back because …. drum roll please … ‘Anton, Jasmine or Kindra’ have picked up on your avoidance and lackluster attempt to gain their business and make an impact.

Success may rest on your shoulders but hey, that is fabulous because the boss has the final say! This means you can make the choice to switch things up and implement a system to easily engage online and build a rapport with your IDEAL client. Before you jump for joy. We need to figure out why you feel this way.

Review the following:

  1. Does a new acquaintance make you nervous?
  2. Do you feel confident and have an action plan?
  3. Are you following prepared verbiage to guide you through the call?
  4. Do you feel the conversation is forced and feels disingenuous? If so, reflect upon what personally puts you at ease. If the shoe was on the other foot, what would you need to hear or experience to feel heard and want to buy?
  5. During your last exchange – can you recall if you: were an active listener, you paraphrased, used the prospects first name more than once, and felt a connection with your potential client?
  6. Did you land the sale, or did you carry a less than warm performance driving the potential client away?
  7. Did you feel confident and rest assured throughout the conversation?
  8. Was the outcome positive? Why or why not?

In fact, when you confidently go about your day, don’t you feel as though you can take on the world?

I bet 9 times out of 10, you make much more money on those good days than when you are down in the dumps, hindered by procrastination, mindset blocks, and imposter syndrome.

a big secret: NO CLIENTS = NO BUSINESS!

I know you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking to improve upon your current situation, so you must be open to rapport building.


There is no time like the present.

Allow me to share what I deem the word on the street: what is working online to gain more clients and make more money!

3 Reasons You Gotta Love Rapport Building

Reason #1: People Want to Feel the Love

I am not going to get all lovey-dovey, but I am going to strongly encourage you to be strategic.

You may wonder how on earth one can feel the love if you are being strategic?

Well, I acknowledge rapport building is a genuine act to engage with others, but it is also based on timing.

Timing is key.

If you miss the mark and dive into your ‘script’ on how you can help them and rant about your success, the cost of offers, etc., then you are more likely to lose a potential client.

Yes, of course at the end of the day you are working to not only make a difference but also make a profit.

What I want you to avoid is being in seller’s mode when your focus should be rapport development.

Whether you are interacting via email, telephone, or video, build a rapport by letting the caller know you are thrilled to be speaking with them.

Give a smile, speak positively, fluctuate your tone of voice (we all had a teacher back in the day with a monotone voice who put us to sleep!) and be attentive but actively listen.

Again, people will sense if you are genuinely interested in their story, are eager to offer support, and interested in securing their business to make a difference rather than a buck.

Reason #2: Your Reputation Depends on It

If you’re a driven, savvy entrepreneur then you know it takes grit and gusto to run a business.

But do you know what it takes to own a successful business?

There is certainly a long……list and several Ted Talks to inform you on this matter but for today, I offer a simplified version …. you need captivated prospects to believe you’re the GO-TO gal.

Complete this short exercise to gain insight with my simplified version – GO-To Gal.

Who Comes to Mind Following Each Statement:

    1. She is inclusive, warm & inspiring (I think of Oprah)
    2. She is bold, tenacious & mindful (I think of Mel Robbins)
    3. He is kind, positive and a motivator (I think of Brendon Burchard)
    4. He is outspoken, passionate & a true mentor (I think of Tony Robbins)
    5. She was strong, fair, and ahead of her time (I think of my Gram, Peggy)
    6. She is kind, a mindset maven & very driven (I think of Natalie Eckdahl)
    7. He is known for his wisdom, inspiration & straight talk (I think of T. D. Jakes)
    8. She is funny, heart-centered & generous (I think of Ellen DeGeneres)

The purpose of this exercise is to nail down how people perceive you.

You can also take a minute to ask colleagues, friends, or family members what they deem your reputation to be.

Are you fun-loving?

Do you have an infectious personality that lights up a room?

Are you focused and hard working?

Are you a problem solver, driven, and goal orientated?

The list goes on and on.

What matters most, is how you come across to your target market, your team members, affiliates, and of course, the clients you serve.

Think of it this way.

Each time I plan to take a trip what is the first thing I do?

You guessed it. I click on over to Trip Advisor to read the latest customer reviews, both good and bad to determine if X resort or location, is suitable for a lovely family vacation.

Bad reviews are taken to heart, especially if there are a whole bunch of them indicating this or that – all things I would never want to experience.

I would be telling a fib if I said the good reviews compensate for the less desirable ones.

No, they don’t.

I can’t get those bad reviews/experiences out of my head and if I went on a vacation and we too experienced much of the same, I would be very upset with myself for a) not listening to my intuition and b) ignoring a review that could have saved much heartache and money.

Now before you drift off and feel the sand on your toes … I refer to this example due to the fact; your potential clients are also on Google digging for the goods on you and your business.

They will see your beautiful website and creative offers, but they will also review ads, videos, podcasts, and client reviews. All of which are available at the click of a mouse.

I am encouraging you to build a rapport with your clients, so they LOVE working with you because they know you are in business for all the right reasons – be their GO-To Gal.

Yes, your clients know you want to make a profit, and believe me, they don’t mind paying for a product or service of value made by a fabulous entrepreneur.

On the other hand, if you have had a few run-ins with the ‘wrong’ client or you can’t resist responding to the haters, then you will form a poor reputation that could have a negative impact on your business and linger on for a very long time.

Reason #3: Rapport Building as an Income-Generating Activity
Rapport Building is in fact, an income-generating activity because without client engagement, rapport building, and establishing a trusting relationship, there are no clients, no sales, no profit.

Time and time again, I work with coaches who are focused more on creating eye-catching Instagram or Pinterest posts, promoting Facebook ads, and redesigning there current, beautiful website template to use rather than focus a story that sticks & ultimately, get prospects to buy.

Are you satisfied with your copy?

If you have copy that converts then you don’t need me unless … you’re looking to stand out in your competitive market and make real money.

LT xoxo

Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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