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November 2, 2020

As you read this, you could be on the next steep climb.

You attempt to follow the words as they dance across the page.

And as you wobble on the treadmill, you read the same sentence twice.

Dang, it’s hard to read while running.

Dang, it’s hard to read while running. (see what I did there?)

I can’t read while in motion.

Not in a car, on the subway, or while working up a sweat.

My eyesight blurs, I feel nauseous, and immediately I feel a fleeting headache come over me.

Oh, yah, I can be a little dramatic.

And, if you’re more talented at multitasking, then I am .… keep reading as you hit your targeted heart rate.

But before you assume, this post is about the latest Peloton craze … 

Allow me to zero in on the number one question I’m asked:

How can I improve my copy to get more clients?

And I promise I’ll share the inside scoop in a moment.

My English Professor was a domesticated writer who also happened to love theatre. With a thick Irish accent, his passion for words undoubtedly entertained us as he went to great lengths to bring literature to life.

Unfortunately, he’s remembered for his tendency to lightly spray those students who came late to class and were left to claim a front-row seat.

Thankfully, I did not require VIP seating that semester.

But fortunately, from a distance, my professor drew out my love of the written word.

Between C.S. Lewis, Hemingway, Atwood, and the likes of Ms. Maya Angelou, I grew to understand the ridiculous power of putting pen to paper.

At the time, I hung onto the evocative work of Canadian author Margret Atwood.

Long before, women in red cloaks were ‘under his eye’ on CTV.

And yet, as I ventured beyond the Canadian border, so too did my ‘book club’.

Little did I know how storytelling would play out in my life and business.

Currently, my copywriting is nothing like Atwood’s detached style of writing.

And it’s true; copywriting has its own rules …

  • Write as you would speak to a friend (girl talk within reason)
  • Inject a little flair to grab your prospects attention
  • Use words to get into the hearts and minds to sell
  • Captivate & convert with the right words
  • Less is more
  • Tell a story

Several of which are far from the style used in Atwood’s many literary treasures.

But that’s because we’re talking copy for business.

I learned putting pen to paper works best when you add a dash of personality.    

And it was none other than an ‘email whisperer’ from my previous business that steered me in the right direction.

From flat, flop to personality pop!

I am here to let you in on copywriting secrets.

Now, if you’re ready, lean in a little.

Here’s the word on Copy Street from The Sassy Copywriter.

And yah, if you Googled it, it’s me, so brace yourself.

But relax, I’m not that bold … I do, however, love to spice things up a little.

If you’re already questioning the lackluster vocab on your website, noting several items that aren’t converting … stay with me.

And if you’re confused ‘cause you thought ‘girl talk’ consisted of late-night chats with a side of Chardonnay … allow me to elaborate.

You can attract more clients with great content by focusing on personality-driven copy.

Keep in mind …

  • Good copy tells a story
  • A business story consists of layers, emotion, & resolve
  • People react & buy with emotion
  • Impersonal does not compute nor make an impact
  • People ignore blah & gravitate to different.
  • People avoid copycat messaging
  • People desire real & raw, … those Dynasty days of ‘perfection’ are over.

To familiarize yourself with real and raw, you can visit my website at and then pop over to @jennakutcher to take a peek at her infamous Jenna talk … excellent personalized copy.

Her brand is a little sassy, fun-loving, and wholesome. JK is committed to making you feel right at home (and that’s my goal too).

I have loved me some rainy days with a hot tea & some Jenna isms. 😊

And if you’re looking for more … head on over to @jadapinkettsmith to see how she unapologetically speaks at the ‘red table’ … with a little sass and a whole lotta love. Jada moves people with ‘all the feels.’

You gotta respect women who embrace their vulnerability to benefit others.

BFF Moments …  

If you’re a little feisty like me, you may ask wtfudge can a little sass do?

And what the heck is sass in business anyway?

Is there a place for sass?

The answer is a big YES.

All things are a little more enjoyable with a bit of wordsmithery – if written well & with a bit of sass (your personality).

A little sass is like adding a defibrillator to your copy … you add feisty bits & even add a little cheek to reinvigorate your content … to captivate and convert your dream clients.

What sass is NOT – hurtful, malicious, rude, or curse words (unless that Sh*! is your thing).

And my kinda sass is when you ask me which shade of lipstick goes best with your outfit (that may not flatter your beauty) … and I role into fashionista BFF mode: offering up real with a little sugar.

No one is looking for an ‘it’s okay’ response.

To resonate with what you said, people need real and raw.

But it takes a little BFF finesse to pull this off.

And you’ve gotta talk in your voice; or people will feel something IS off.

When done well, a little straight talk with a whole lotta lovin’ goes a long way.

Your copy will resonate with people, and they’ll be more apt to take action because they believe you’re genuine and qualified to offer solutions.

Now mull this one over …

When you land on an article that is factual, a little dry and speaking to the masses, does it draw you in?

Are you captured by the author’s failed attempt to relate to you?

It’s unlikely.

Here’s an example:

Original version: ‘Empowered by Fitness’

“As an online fitness coach, I can help you wherever you’re at or are because geography shouldn’t get in the way of achieving your goals. I also know life can get busy, and it’s tough to make it to fitness coaching sessions. So my online training has been created with all of this in mind. You’ll receive support and motivation along the way.“


I don’t gamble, but in this case, I bet your Visa stays hidden ‘cause you’re not into doing burpees with this online coach anytime soon.

Sassy version: ‘Empowered by Fitness’

“When your jeans fit just right, and you feel you can take on the world … my online fitness coaching program has worked its magic.

From the newly energized mom who takes on double-dutch to women who win marathons … my online sessions are here to transform your health and fitness 24/7.

Get motivated, Get moving. Get fit for good.”

Now there’s a message to grab your attention!

It’s a sure-fire way to get into the hearts and minds of dream clients.

Leaving you to reminisce about the whirling rope as you move to the beat of Summertime with DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

If only I maintained my kegel mojo … my jump rope days are over.

Do you see how a little flair brings copy to life?

Vitality aside, by now, I think you and I are on the same page.

And if your run is now complete, you can take a few notes while you piece together your personality-driven copy to attract & sell to dream clients with ease.


Address the following:

  • Does your brand voice sound like you? If not, switch it up to resemble how you wish to be perceived based on who you are.

Make a mental note of how you speak in groups, to your parents, partner, or friends.

How does your tone change?

What words do you use or avoid using?

  • Is your message (brand story) clear & inviting?

Does your story highlight your journey & expertise while drawing your audience in & without directly talking about yourself?

  • At this time, you are not the ‘hero’ in the story, but rather the narrator … focused on the pain-points of your audience.

Remember: we are wired for story.

We are always looking to connect with others and for ways to improve our life & business.

And so, your audience needs to hear what you have to say.

  • Collect feedback from friends, family, colleagues, or clients to determine if your copy is exact & captivating.

Don’t be scared to write ‘hair flip’ copy – bold, with a little sass & in your authentic voice.

Meet for drinks? (awkward silence) … I get it, it’s challenging to do from afar.

Okay, then, would you settle for a great chat?

Fabulous. I look forward to hearing your story.

If you’re struggling with your copy and you’re sitting on the fence, then connect with me, LT. We can exchange cocktail recipes while determining how best to support you in creating fantastic copy to fuel your business.

Big hugs,


The Sassy Copywriter

Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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