To bring in quality leads, drive traffic, and sell in a way that feels effortless...  

How I work my magic...   

In the era of A.I., I'm 100% dialed into brand voice, conversion strategy, UX, and everything other than cookie-cutter to turn heads, warm hearts, and stop people in their tracks to click, read and buy. 

Go beyond the basic,
boring blurbs.

You're in luck, you've got a Certified Copywriter on your side!

I've been schooled by some of the greats. Like, Laura Belgray, Chris Orzechowski, Carline Anglade-Cole, Copyhackers (the #1 copy school in my industry), Copy Chief, Copy Posse, and The Copywriter Club which means my creative copy will not only can convert even the most skeptical.

Plus I'm a long-time member of high-level associations and masterminds - enabling me to share my wisdom (& my love of brand marketing) to help explode your business.

Need a copy refresh? 

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"Once again, LT overdelivered! We're scaling 'cause the copy captivates our target market. Our landing pages, email marketing and content creation is pure gold. Each campaign continues to surpass our goals."


ROI exceeded

"Total game changer - our website flows beautifully, and draws customers in. We generated an additional $168,000 with our grand re-opening."


on another level

"Thanks to Lara we got out of the Promo tab, send out high-converting email sequences, and consistently draw in paying clients. Her DR3 process is the best out there!"


created his dream brand messaging & email management

COPYwriting services 

Landing Page Creation

Website Refresh

Email Copywriting

AI Copy Rewrites

Landing Page Copy

If you're tired of staring at a blinking cursor, or sounding like all the rest... Allow me to write compelling copy that will translate passion and personality into words that convert.

  • on-brand messaging and positioning
  • showcase offers and products with ease
  • entertain prospects while you educate
  • create appeal, wipe out objections & sell
  • optimize an angle to set you apart!

Boost and broadcast your invaluable offers around the globe!

Email Copywriting 

It's compelling messaging with flair to nail the sweet spot and put a fresh spin on your brand.

Emails are based on stories and market research to promote products or purpose-driven services to scale your business and increase your cash flow.  

The emails I write check all the boxes and land in the RIGHT ones! Resulting in engaged subscribers, loyal followers and people who are eager to buy.

VIP Web Copy Refresh

Your website copy needs a lift, but you don't want to spend 5K-10K hittin' the makeover button...

I'll refine your big ideas, brand voice and messaging to create a marketing masterpiece that will get them talkin' and generate sales.

Let's showcase your true value!


*Ask about my AI copy rewrite

...even if you don't know what to say or how to say it, set your brand apart from everyone else and reflect the value you offer. 

I can write winning copy to do just that. To attract the RIGHT clients, generate consistent leads and sharpen your sales.


  Confidence to write words that entertain and sell. 

It's the perfect way to engage, educate and execute + gain new clients/customers with ease.

Your audience will realize you're the real deal. 

They'll stick around and then, by means of consistent communication, they’ll begin to build a rapport with you through captivating, value-driven ERM copy directly in their inbox.

Specialties include:

Brand-building, engagement & sales promotion.
Magnetic Messaging: persuasion. influence. impact
Customization and unique story-based copy.
Launch copy - pre and post email sequences. 
Increase CTR's, conversion rates and retention rates.
AI Copy Rewrites - I jazz up Chat GPT copy in a flash.

LT, Tell me more!

I know compelling, persuasive copy converts - it can actually drive your business!

what else can you write for me?

If your AI copy or marketing material could use a dash of personality or a refresh - I can help you, but if it's a personal makeover you seek - my Manolo Blahnik's are not part of the deal! 

(love me some heels)

work it, LT! 

somethin' a lil' extra...

  Copy Refresh

Gucci has class. Tiffany has blue. Fendi has fragrance.

And your brand has something special too!

Perhaps your words (or A.I) aren't hitting the mark...

...or you've have no idea what to write! 

Fear Not!

I'll create personality-infused, value-driven copy to differentiate your brand, gain leads, and showcase your special something to all the right people.  

Written-for-you in 1-week

I'll translate your personality, passion and make things pop to get the right people to take action! 

I ditch all distractions - like IG, itchy sweaters and mute my notifications (except yours) - and hit up your copy project so it’s done-in-one week.

You got it, one big transformation!

No Trello boards. No back & forth. Not in 6-8 weeks.

I use my Deeply Rooted Framework (DR3) to blast life back into your web/email copy - in turn, you get the A-Z Copy, Strategy and Support you need.

In 1-week or less, I'll transform your existing draft into fresh, irresistible, and on point copy! #bringiton

All Services Billed in Cad $

  1 Week, YES!

  Contact LT

price Dependent on copy request

A web copy makeover is ideal for you if...

   You can't afford not to...

  • your targeted audience is unresponsive
  • your copy is tired (no updates for 2+ years)
  • you've decided to pivot and/or rebrand
  • your competition has left you in the dust
 Level up your website copy TODAY!

"I love my fresh website copy. it's 100% on brand. LT You have a true gift!"

- Kim G.


- Ven K.

coming soon!