Lara Lee Taylor

- Words With Purpose -

Get 'Em to Stick Around 
with Laser-Focused Messaging.


ready to make your words work for you? then market your message with clarity, credibility & relevance.

The Sassy Copywriter

You have an invaluable skill-set but great copy gives you an advantage.

- let's focus on words & get into hearts & minds to sell-

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell."

- Seth Godin


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


it's all about creating a message you want them to remember

Connecting with clients can be challenging. As an online business owner, you know it's difficult to captivate ideal clients. Crafting words with purpose can help with this problem. All you need are words people resonate with.

The Right Message Matters.

And sassin' things up to make you shine has never been easier.

"Lara changed my life. My whole dang brand. I'd be lost & frustrated in my business if not for her."

Connecting with clients can be challenging. As an online business owner you know how difficult it is to find ideal clients. Crafting a killer message can help with this problem. All you need are words people resonate with.


        My story

Stop struggling to convert your audience ... great copy speaks their language.

- Personality-Driven Copy Connects Long Before it Converts -  

When you're lookin' to scale - words matter.

 Copy Makeover -VIP

If you feel you need a copy makeover ... you most likely do.

Snag my undivided attention to add a little sass & make YOU & your messaging shine bright like a diamond

i want to brush up my copy

Options: touched up copy

how it works ...

• Refresh of blogs, emails, courses, sales page & website
• Give your website copy a makeover (rework of 2-3 pages)
• Copy audit & refine for entire website (Think Big, Go Deep) 
• Improve copy fast, empower yourself & stand out!

• Detailed questionnaire to understand you (prior to session) 
• Copy Talk (Zoom) - Check ins, insider strategy & quick wins 
• Actionable Insight: headlines, body copy, brand story & taglines 
• Competitor research conducted & big ideas to stand out & convert
• I hand over the goods with 1 revision ('cause it's allll good) 


In a world full of buzzwords, comparsonitis, & repetitive offers: 
Stand Out with Compelling, Persuasive Copy.

I set out to do what Brand Story Strategists & Copywriters should do: focus a little more on maxing out your message than wordsmithery. Because your messaging isn't flashy lip service - it's connection-driven copy that converts browsers into buyers. 

Lackluster lingo be gone ... hello personality-fused, value-driven copy. Don't feed competitors with clients 'cause your brand story falls flat. 
(yah, it's a little tough love)

Get captivating website copy you'll launch with confidence & a little sass your audience can't get enough of.

Let's look at the big picture ...  

You’ve got big dreams with #bossgoals & uplifting affirmations & yet, something is missing.   

This is where I jump in. 


Website Copy

a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute call, Q & A Questionnaire & a detailed custom proposal is always provided.



With great copy & fashionable delivery, your sales page will be the pièce de résistance. Dreamy clients will be eatin' up your offers like a 2 for 1 Tuesday. And your audience will be bustin' beats in your brand voice as they rave about you.

"From the moment we met, LT got my brand. Like she was in my head as I attempted to write." Jessa K.

It's a perfect blend of brand messaging & conversion based strategy. 

It's true, a long form sales page is much more than graphics & pretty words ... it's a copywriting gem.

Refined. Clear & Profound.

 "But I built this business to help people. Where are my clients?!!" 



Sales Page Copy

I want emails that sell!


You get SAVVY. 

You actively engage your audience to sell more.

It's a little copy magic that gets a big return. 

A powerful & persuasive tool to attract leads & make sales. 

Send out weekly or in sequence. 

From a Promo Sequence, Re-engagement Campaign or Welcome Series, your messaging needs a little lovin' to make you shine, stand out & sell your products & services.  

 When you offer up amazing services that get results ... what do you do?  


Promo sequences, WEBINAR INVITE & REMINDER SERIES vary between $2500-$5k dependent upon the number of emails.

Includes: 60 min zoom call, Brand voice & ideal client Questionnaire, competitor & client research, brand strategy &    1 Set of revisions


Includes: 60 min. zoom call, Brand voice & ideal client Questionnaire, competitor & client research, brand strategy & 1 Set of revisions


Email Campaigns

get CTC 

Your competition may have mastered their message BUT you can too! 

In story whisperer like fashion, stand out like Sara, Jenna or Graziosi. 

Get rid of that furrowed brow!

In Copywriting that Captivates    you'll create a brand voice to grab clients by the eyeballs & learn to craft a personalized message that will attract your dream clients (& even those sassy skeptics).   

Where would Spanx be without Sara Blakely sharing her intimate struggle to slide into her tight white jeans? Her personality driven copy is captivating ... each story shared, makes the brand.

 Starving from the lack of sales 'cause you've got story envy?



Copywriting that Captivates

$349 CDN

coming soon!




got a big idea but you need support to write an Email sequence, with copy-editing or ghostwriting? 

yes, i do!

"LT takes a connection approach to conversion copy because she knows emotion sells. My voice is out there because LT worked her magic."


Doubled her income

Yes, Mastering Your Message Matters

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've got to have great messaging ... work with Lara to make big things happen."


is on another level

"Our designer created an amazing brand following my storyline. Lara's methods work & are the best out there!"


created her dream brand

1. Connect

We discuss what you need & how I will master your message. 

2. Create

I'll forward a doc - Q & A to hone in on your purpose, personality, vibe & voice - your Brand Story. And, then I craft.

3. Copy Magic

Deliverables:  Conversion Copy to Drive Your Biz, Stand Out & Make Benjamins on the Regular.

Here's how it works:

 - A little curious? -

What you can expect working with LT

I’m a friendly gal & although we’re most likely a fit (‘cause I bet you’re also spectacular), you're paying for results when you work with me ... here's what you can expect:

I believe every brand story has value & it's my job to craft yours.

I know personality-driven copy works its magic … when it's well written. 

It attracts clients, builds your brand & generates real money.

Upon working together, you’ll receive a detailed proposal with an estimate for pricing
& deliverables … there’s no guesswork here.

Copy Makeover sessions & other projects are priced accordingly. And you've gotta know copywriting is an investment that will change your business.

If you’re a person who walks the talk, then you’re here to grow your business by standing out in a competitive market … let’s make it happen.

I love working with short & long-term clients, retainer-based projects, & content creation. If you’ve got a request a little ‘outside-the-box, then contact me directly at so we can zero in on the fine details.

What LT expects from you:
To have Vim & Vigor to bring your ideas to life.
To be Upbeat & Determined to move the needle.
To always be Respectful & be Kind.

Fabulous entrepreneurs are working hard in every online space to make the world (& business) a better place. A few peeps make life complicated with their hurtful words & viewing the glass as half empty.

I struggle to serve those people.

But when can you make this happen?

Due to the nature of my custom packages, they book in advance.

That being said; however, I do appreciate it when you’re in a pickle & need copy like yesterday.

If you nodded your head, click over to the Contact Page, complete the form & voila. In no time flat, I’ll be in touch (I pride myself on speedy connections).

What clients do you work with?

I have enjoyed creating copy in the corporate space for almost 13 years. I love working with online business owners. I also enjoy ghostwriting & crafting copy for a variety of small business owners who are fabulous to work with 😉. 

If you have a need for great copy & you're simply divine to work with, please CONNECT.

Can I see your previous work?

I have included testimonials from those I have worked with & if you wish to speak with them, that will be arranged. Your confidentiality (& theirs) is paramount. Ghostwriting services & NDA's are available. 
I can offer up pieces of my work for your review.

Do you offer copy audits or editing?

Yes, I do, in fact I love putting a new spin on your content. Custom orders receive a proposal.

* Some audits can be conducted during a Copy Makeover session.

Do you offer discounts?

Like your Dentist or Doctor, I also apply my expertise, so; no, there are no discounts.
All services are priced according to custom need & packaging. 

People are not responding to my current website – what can I do?

If you feel something is missing, there probably is.

If you believe you need a copy makeover, well, you most likely do.

That’s where I come in.

Is your copy not converting?

Fill out the Contact Form, & you’ll hear from me within 24 hrs.

I hear a one-page website is a new thing – will you write it?

I’m not sure who offered up this tale, but I would question its validity.

Like a one-page resume, it may get your foot in the door, but how does an employer assess if you’re the right candidate for the job without an interview?

Is this resonating with you? Great!

As prospects land on your website, they often make snap judgments. But if they like what they see, they’re more apt to stick around … to assess & conduct their own ‘interview’ of you.

A ‘one-pager’ may not deliver ‘all the feels’ as does a well-crafted website that motivates dream clients to take action … & this journey goes beyond 400 words.

You need to showcase a little personality-driven copy to draw them in.

Straight Up ROI

Copywriting services can be a big step, but if you’re struggling to craft your brand story, market a message that captivates & converts to make money – then your copy is worth its weight in gold.

My clients arrive at my virtual doorstep often confused & dry-eyed (dang blinking cursor) as they struggle to find the words. 

In the end, following our work together ... they have a compelling message worthy of consistent sales.
Retainers - are billed on a monthly basis & if you're use to VIP treatment this package will serve you best.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Copy Makeover sessions are paid in full at the time of booking.

If a large project is accepted a payment plan is arranged.

The first payment is due upon signing the client agreement/contract to land your spot & to get things moving.

The remaining fee is due at the end of the project. Applicable taxes & virtual hugs are applied.