What to Include in your Website Header

September 22, 2020

A navigator with no sense of style

or humor, I know, boring right? NOT

In this case, casual & albeit a little blah is a

good thing. What the … ?

Header navigation should be straight up & meet the desires of a six grader. You know: HOME ABOUT SERVICES CONTACT BLOG

Yah, we’ve all been there … give me the goods, skip the flashy lipservice & talk to me – straight up.

You land on a website, click around, and look for answers but it’s missing or you’re so confused you forgot which website you’re on.

How frustrating is it when you placed an order for the new Primarily Pure CBD face cream but the contact button doesn’t link to your tracking order. Why does it have to end this way Primarily Pure? Why …

But, no, really…

It’s time your header was as clean as the language you use around your mama.

Invite prospects to explore

No matter your area of expertise, style or personality … keep it simple.

  • Location is at the TOP & Scans Across the Entire Page
  • Identify Core Pages First: About, Services, Blog, Contact, Shop
  • Include Your Logo or Tagline in the Middle & In Larger Font
  • Contact Button Needs to Link to Your Contact Page with Info
  • Font Should be Easily Read & In Line with Your Brand
  • You Can Also Drop in Photos or Embed Video in Headers
  • Avoid the Use of Slang, Curse Words or Negativity
  • Social Media Feeds Should be Off to the Right of the Core List
  • Ensure Your Mobile Page is Arranged to Match the Desktop
  • Familiarize Yourself with Header sizing H1-H6 (H1 is the Considered to be Most Important)
  • A Header or Title Used in the Body of Your Website Describes XYZ
  • On Your Blog Header you Could Add Your Latest Article
  • You Do Have the Option of Restricting Navigation Options to Focus on the CTA in the Body of Your Header

Curiosity should inspire your website header

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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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