Coaches: Write A No B.S About Page

October 6, 2020

Do people want to hear how you started a biz in 2015?

Do they care to see a list of your accomplishments?


But most likely they don’t.

It sounds harsh, but I’m all about keeping it real … ’cause tough love moves the needle.

I love to dive into any story, but if I’m browsing … well, to be honest, I’m not up to vetting your CV.

And if I’m struggling with the likes of eating healthier and looking for ways to get into my little black dress …

I want to be inspired.

I want to know what you can do for me.

I need a Health & Fitness Coach that fires me up and gets me moving.

The last thing I’ll warm up to is a hefty write up listing all the deets about the business start-up and what the company stands for.

Now, don’t get me wrong … I appreciate your experience (who doesn’t), and I admire creativity, but if I don’t ‘feel yah’… I’m out.

And here I go again …

I can’t help myself.

I’ve got to say it.

Ladies, BE YOU, own YOUR story, showcase YOUR voice and as Apple said it … THINK DIFFERENTLY.

Offer up a genuine, authentic story to let me in on who is looking to nab my Benjamins.

Don’t be something you’re not … don’t assume a competitor’s life and use the impersonal copy.

Build trust and a following by communicating from your heart and with your own words of wonder.

Time and time again, I read the copy and then witness the personal videos or even meet Coaches in person, and I’m confused.

Asking myself, “Is this the same gal?”

I’m known as The Differentiator. I use storytelling as the mode to capture your personality in copy, so you stand out.

A craft that evokes emotion to build trust with your audience.

But if you’re all about DIY, then it’s your responsibility to share emotional content to drive action.

And you can do this on your ABOUT page.

It’s your chance to be genuine, impactful, and provoke a response (no B.S here).

It’s your place to make prospects feel seen, heard, and supported.

To offer hope, inspiration, and acknowledgment.

It’s simple … if you catch my attention, I’m yours.

But I’m over the blah, beige, and all things copycat.

So, if you’ve published a site that’s blah and has cookie-cutter copy … I’m off in one swipe or a click.

I don’t understand why so many Coaches are on the bandwagon of all things nude (aka beige), same and overly simple.

There are thousands of About pages that all look and sound alike.

All pages are toting the same lackluster lingo & repetitive offers.

There I said it.

I’m stumped by the dime a dozen mentality I see online.

It alarms me.

You’re all fabulous in your own right … how come you don’t feel the need to share it?

Could you unintentionally be neglecting your brand?

If you must know, it fuels me to right the wrong.

I’m on a mission to elevate the female voice and get good stories like yours, out. Your coaching business matters but so do your dreams, lifestyle, and financial freedom.

By you being here, I trust you’re willing to change things up.

‘Cause I know there’s money to be had in owning your own story.

I know you can stand out by embracing your uniqueness.

And, yeah, it’s hard not to adopt what you admire.

But please hear me out.  

The coaching industry is highly competitive, and if you’re ‘in’ with the beige and you’ve been supporting repetitive copy … you’re running the risk of losing out.

Now, I know … beige has its place.

And I get living a simple life.

My point is … if you’re looking to stand out, there’s no need to go along with a trend ’cause every other coach is doing the same dang thing!

And Jenna Kutcher, if you’re reading this … you rock all things natural. (love ya girl!)

So, aside from Jenna, who btw offers so much more than the ole soothing neutral tones (beige) …

I mean, come on, have you read her stuff?

Not to mention #kickingitwithkutch is easy to do, and Coco is beyond adorable.

(My apologies for the digression)

If you’re a gal that loves color and is looking to stand out – DO IT with a little flare.

Beige, beige, beige.

I’m at a loss.

But … I’m also open-minded, so … if fancy neutrals make you happy, I’ll accept that, but your audience may think otherwise.

Leaving you to wonder why it’s a struggle to build your audience and generate more revenue.  

All things aside, if beige is it … then stand out with fabulous copy and use creative methods to differentiate yourself.  (like Jenna does)

They want to know the real you.

And please reflect upon the following:

Where’s the sass?

Where’s your personality?

What do you think catches your audience’s eye?

How do you want them to remember your business?

Have you differentiated yourself from your competitor(s)?

How do you stand out?

If you don’t stand out, how will prospects determine you’re ‘the one’?

Keep in mind …

They want to know the real you.

They’re trying to get a sense of who you are and how you’ll help them (without you trying to sell coaching).

They want to see if you’re a fit and if you get them.

They need to feel heard, so they’ll choose a green shake over a milkshake because you’ve been there too.

They want to follow your story and connect with your message … all to improve their life or business.

In their mind, they’re testing the waters ’cause they need to know:

  • is she straight up?
  • does she have ‘it’?
  • do I feel inspired, bored, or confused?
  • is her voice one I can get behind?
  • is her message heartfelt or mirror image?
  • is she ‘fly by night’ or the real deal?
  • do I get her story & align with her journey?
  • does she inspire me to be my best self?
  • is she going to help me overcome x, y, z?

And, in the end … your message may bring to light a challenge they didn’t even realize they had.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Each page of your website serves a purpose.

But your About page is not all about you.

I know, odd isn’t it?

Why don’t we call it – I GET YOU, YOU’VE GOT THIS or WHAT’S IN IT FOR YAH.

In the end, your ABOUT page is, in fact, a narrative all about YOU.

But it has a spin on it to seem as though you’re speaking directly to your ideal audience without focusing on yourself or the need to sell coaching.

Okay, hold on a minute.

“LT, can you back things up a little?” Sure can, glad you asked!

Before you shake your head in disbelief, yes, the ABOUT page is where your audience clicks to find out about ‘you.’

But let’s be real … once they put a face to the name and skim through your bio, they want answers.

They want to know what’s in it for them.

And without it, no amount of data, fanfare, or business history will win them over.

And that, my dear, is why I boost storytelling … ’cause it’s a sure-fire way to elicit an emotional response … which drives action.

It’s that simple. It’s the key to your growth.

It may come as a surprise, but connection-driven copy makes your content unique and will immediately differentiate your business.

It’s a Jerry McGuire moment … the infamous “you had me at hello” exchange.

From the first hello or welcome … you must captivate people with your message (& no, there’s no room for superficial).

You’ve got to describe the founder’s vision, speak to pain points, and offer insight into the solution (what you do) without stating so.

Additional tips:

  • Be clear and speak directly to them but not at them.
  • Share insight to have them listen but don’t lecture.
  • Provide examples of transformation but don’t steal the show … you’re goal here is to draw them in, so they feel part of your journey and motivated to bring about change.
  • Highlight the turning point, what action you took to overcome the said obstacle, and where you (or previous clients) are now.

And, yah, it all gets a little confusing.

I like to think of it as a Chef for picky eaters … one that adds healthy veg to create a culinary masterpiece … which may disguise the greens but highlights the tasty goodness and, in the end, nutrition wins out.

It’s a way to offer up the goods without being salesy – a place where creative copy, aka emotional targeting, and time-sensitive calls-to-action come into play.

Where dream clients can’t get enough of you, and in turn, they end up knocking on your door or swiping up.

What You Need to Share on Your About Page

  • a headline clearly stating what you do & who you serve (a creative, catchy couple of words)
  • why are you in coaching & what led you to it
  • who you are behind closed doors
  • what was a turning point in your life
  • keep things light with personal insight, guilty pleasures, favorite moments, healthy obsessions or what frustrates you (avoid negativity)
  • speak to what inspires you & what you’re working towards (this, in turn, will fuel prospects to take action)
  • don’t be shy to include awards, features, & your zone of genius (but there is a finesse to this)
  • share fanfare or testimonials
  • invite them to get ‘Social’ with you (Insta, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn …)

Set Goals for Your About Page / Website

1. #1 is to get them to take action!

2. When your audience is visiting your About page, how do you want them to feel & interact? Use a catchy but cool intro to snag their attention.

3. Where do you want to lead them next? To your services page or a get to know me page.

4. Be sure to outline you’re a problem solver, and your mission is … and how you’re in their corner.

5. Get to the point. Be clear and concise, so you avoid confusion. You can use a little sass but don’t overuse wordsmithery, and too many details can sometimes turn people off.

6. Paint a picture of what results they could expect if they were coached by you — point A to point B.

7. Be sure to incorporate calls-to-action appropriately. Timing is everything. And all visitors need to be lead to the next step. Don’t shy away from encouraging them to connect with you.

8. Lighten things up … be sure to add some fun details … use light add on’s (personality, vibe & voice) to make you more approachable, so they feel connected to you on a deeper level.

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