Can marketing be that easy?

February 1, 2022

By sharing words of wisdom, inspiration, or simple solutions?

Or depictions of what was and what could be?

Whether you’re looking to build a connection that effortlessly engages your audience or promotes your services with ease…

… it’s best to transform how you relay the message and the way it’s received.

Without sounding off-brand, salesy or disingenuous.

And without adding more to your already-full plate (that’s where I come in).

As a business owner, you’ve already done the hard work of nailing down deliverables, creating offers, and promoting your products and services to alter one’s life or business…

…but if your marketing efforts fall short, and you’re tired of offers falling flat…

Take the high road.

Build connections and market your brand without exclamation mark-ridden copy.

It can fuel your business.

‘Cause today’s consumer is different.

Most ideal customers are NOT interested in a quick fix, band-aid treatments, or buying into exaggerated claims.

Our communities are knowledgeable, high-level, and make educated choices.

And they value genuine connections, quality products, and intelligent solutions.

It’s the very reason Emotional Response Marketing (EMR) is at the heart of my copywriting business.

EMR helps you remove the ick from marketing and enables you to engage with your audience quickly – selling with integrity and tapping into their internal response that will generate action.

When you nail down the words, your customer resonates with  — whether through story-based emails or personality-driven messaging to address what ails them or holds them back…

…there is a way to increase engagement without promising or saying too much.

It’s the most significant shift you can make. Even if you need to update your strategy, you’re looking to build next-level connections and have launches to run.

The shift requires you to look within. To describe vulnerable moments and walk in the shoes of those you wish to serve (& sell to).

When your readers resonate with your marketing, just as you planned…

It’s pure magic.

Designed to help you connect, build a following, and generate revenue less the sleazy tactics.

And I’m not just referring to small business owners but big brands too.

That’s the beauty of this way of marketing — no matter what product or service you offer…

Or what niche you wish to build your authority in…

Or how you may pivot in the future…

Emotional Response Marketing will help you get there.

You’ll make connections with ideal customers – ready to buy.

This sort of “internal networking” builds the know, like, and trust factor with your audience and will be a process your competitors attempt to replicate.

And it just so happens I’m in your corner, and together we can make this happen.

My only question for you is…are you ready to share vulnerable stories to change the lives of others?

If you’re looking for support to connect with your audience email me at or visit the Contact page to schedule a call to determine how I may help you best.

Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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