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If only he read my mind…

December 17, 2021

I have a confession to make…I tend to overthink things.

Or at least that’s what happened yesterday.

I still dread the thought of how he felt.

And indeed, it wasn’t one of my proudest moments.

But due to the situation, I avoided eye contact and kept my head down.

I was at a loss for words…frankly, I struggled.

*my mother’s voice was on repeat – “act like a lady”*

I was left to contemplate how to go about doing the right thing.

It was exposure overload…you can be the judge…read on, and let me know what you would have done.

When I walked into a hip little spot downtown, three people were ahead of me in line, one of whom was a well-built young man.

And upon inspection, as I waited my turn, I deemed him a wrestler.

Leaving me to wonder why he didn’t wear protective headgear to prevent his ears from resembling a cauliflower.

Lost in thought and fixated on the notion his sport may have affected his hearing…the order taker abruptly yelled NEXT.

Upon placing my order, I waited for my extra hot chai latte amongst the others.

But as I darted across the room to snag more space, I couldn’t help but notice two women staring at the wrestlers’ privates.

I shook my head.

People amaze me.

And then it happened…I fell into the same trance.

And no matter how I tried to avert my eyes, they would land there again and again.

Seriously, why does that happen?

Like, the last time I bumped into my friend Angie, who had a larger-than-life cold sore. I tried so dang hard not to look at it because I knew she was thinking, “O M G, I can not believe I ran into LT looking like this.” And undoubtedly, she saw my eyes inadvertently look at her cold sore more than once. Dang, it!

As I stood waiting for my tasty beverage, I could feel my temperature rise, and I began to talk to myself in disbelief – “what’s your problem, stop lookin’, O M G, O M G, the poor guy.”

I felt compelled to give him a heads up.

But it amazed me he didn’t know his undies were hanging out the zip of his pants!

And as I stood there contemplating if I should make eye contact with this young gentleman and point ‘down there’…I told myself to wait for the next guy.

I know, I know – heartless decision.

And I believe in karma…

If you are ever behind me and I have toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants, please, please, tell me!  

I’m not making excuses for my actions (or lack thereof) but let’s not forget – masks and social distancing are still mandatory in my area, so it adds a whole other dimension to snagging someone’s attention.

And let’s be honest, me flagging down his ‘member’ was not on the menu.

I don’t know why these things happen to me.

Perhaps it’s because I’m observant.

And who doesn’t find people-watching fascinating?

I can’t tell you how many men and women I’ve saved by discreetly pointing to the food they have lodged in their teeth. Before the pandemic, I would even go up to people who had a tag out on display.

Those days are over.

I stood in silence and reassured myself that another guy would enter momentarily to help this wrestler out.

But no dude came to the rescue.

And the giggles intensified.


It was time to drum up a quick one-liner.

It was a moment in time when I thought having a superpower to send a message telepathically would be ideal…if only the wrestler could read my damn mind.

All I could mumble to myself was, “come on, man, you gotta be feeling a breeze – time to tuck and zip.”

And though I felt like ditching my order and high tailing it to the nearest exit…I stood my ground, gave the wrestler a wave, and just as I began, to point ‘at it’.

In walks Mr. Charismatic.

Full of enthusiasm.

Intrigue and plein de vie!

Finally, my person…

I felt at ease.

And before you know it…I heard, “Hey, buddy, you need to….”

Situation rectified.

Lesson learned.

As I walked back to my car, steamy beverage in hand, I thought, there’s no need to overthink things; use a little finesse.

But what the hell did this wrestler think as I stood there waving at him or pointing at it? Ughhh.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re Mr. Charismatic or you’re more comfortable from a distance – connecting with people to offer support (engage, entertain or educate) is what will move the needle in your business.

You don’t need to assert yourself in every conversation, but you need to know what to say and how to say it.

Don’t I know it?!!!

We ALL need to put ourselves out there in one way or another.

And I’ll have you know email marketing is one of the best ways you can grow your business.  

I can help you make a valuable, long-lasting connection with your audience (& sales) through email marketing.

But first, hit reply and let me know what you would have done at Grass Roots…would your story have a different ending?

Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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