How to Avoid Bachelor Antics and Make Ideal Clients Adore You in Minutes.

January 7, 2021

It’s out there for the world to see … Katie’s purple vibrating gadget that shocked Bachelor Nation.

If you watched the Bachelor as I did … you’ll know why I’m bringing this ‘toy’ to light.

‘Cause so many people think you need to shock an audience to be original, to stand out, and to get noticed.

And it’s simply not the case – especially in your small business.

Yes, it can be a creative marketing tool; as we all know, sex sells. But leave that to those large companies with big advertising budgets and a talented PR team.

There is nothing like being genuine, making clients laugh, have them resonate with your journey, or appreciate your true self.

Yah, truth be told, we respond to shiny objects, eye-catching graphics, and shock value, but there is a line we business owners do not cross.

A level of professionalism and genuine interest to establish relationships with those we serve.

If you’re looking for ways to make an impact and be memorable, TMI is not the way to go.

What you do behind closed doors is your business, but please don’t make it mine.

And between you and I, I was so thankful to have my mama snuggled on her sofa last night for the Bachelor’s debut.

I mean, come on, Katie, was it necessary for a Bank Marketing Manager to flash that purple gadget in Matt’s face?

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate bold.

If you’ve heard me speak, you know I’m all about owning your truth and getting your voice out there, but that fiasco, well, it’s just not my style.

I’ve seen the headline “Matt has the ladies: buzzing.” It was shocking.

We all love a little action and wordsmithery to drum up some excitement, but I advise against any shocking tactic like Katie’s unless you work at PinkCherry.

There is a way to grab one’s attention, and then there is A WAY to go viral for all the wrong reasons.

WARNING: there will be no pop-ups promoting purple gadgets in this article

With that said … if there was a way to avoid distasteful tactics and have ideal clients adore you (and your business) in 60 seconds or less, would it interest you? I thought so!

It’s easy, inexpensive, and memorable.

Here are a few ways to make this happen:

  1. Own it
  2. Value Wits
  3. Humor & Humility
  4. Differentiate Yourself

These are simple strategies you can apply to any medium to connect with your audience immediately … keep reading.

  1. Own it – gone are the days of ‘fake it until you make it’.

People gravitate to those who are genuine, authentic, fun-loving, and committed.

So, if you’re more apt to own it and demonstrate grit, passion, and appreciation for your industry (& those you serve), people will notice.

And if you’re offering up value and sharing the inside scoop about how you got from A to F, people will stop and listen (even if you have a way to go G -Z).

Your ideal clients aren’t expecting you to have ALL the answers, but they do, in fact, look to you to feel heard and receive creative solutions to better themselves and move that needle.

And if you’ve tilted your head in disbelief … mull this over:

  • Do you gravitate to people that are relatable or sharing farfetched stories?
  • Do you respond to content that you can resonate with or object?
  • Do you place value on the underdog and being vulnerable?
  • Do you appreciation imperfection?

Let’s face it … all the above make us human, and if captured right, each element will captivate an ideal audience that can grow your business.

2. Value W.I.T.S – this has nothing to do with reacting quickly to a situation but everything to do with Walking in Their Shoes.

In every moment of everyday Walking in Their Shoes, knowing what your client(s) is challenged by is relevant to how you conduct your business. And if you’re at a loss … zero in on the following:

  • Do you understand your audience’s pain points and desires?
  • Are you able to empathize with them?
  • Do you believe you and your audience have a common goal?
  • Will your actions, content, and support make a difference?
  • Can you say your audience resonates with your brand story and message?

In any event, your goal here is to build a know, like, and trust factor to increase engagement and establish a loyal client base you can impact.

So, whether your foot adorns a flip flop, a sneaker, or a stylish stiletto … be in the know … know the need, want, and desire of your audience. When you act in their best interest, you make a difference and generate consistent sales.

3. A Little Humor & Humility Goes a Long Way – a good laugh even at your own expense is invaluable.

In all fairness, I believe ABC depicted Katie as a fun-loving young woman who, unfortunately, attempted to wrangle in the Bachelor with a less than tasteful moment.

And yah, we all love a good laugh, but it should not be at the expense of offending your audience.

Perhaps you’ve been told your laugh is infectious, and your spouse describes it as an echo that carries throughout your home. That sounds familiar 😊

If you’re one that loves a good joke, but you tend to mess up the punch line (as I do) I’ll give you some slack ‘cause you’re not on stage with the likes of a talented comedian.

But please don’t confuse a lack of professionalism with warmth, humility, and the need for personality-driven copy.

If you hesitate to share an appropriate but humorous story because you fear judgment, fear not. These challenging, albeit uplifting experiences will often resonate with your audience, and to me, that’s worth its weight in gold.

So, it’s okay to shed light on failure, flaws, self-doubt, and maintain some middle ground … we are far from perfect.

Does this mean you’re encouraged to share childhood trauma, shocking truths, or disturbing news … hmmm … probably not.

Be candid, be honest but be strategic, and remain professional.

And every so often, a good wholesome laugh (the jolly kind) sheds the heaviness of the day and can inspire and fuel your business.

4. Differentiate Yourself – devise a way to stand out from the crowd and become the crowd-pleaser.

I am not encouraging you to become a people pleaser … moreover, it’s quite the opposite.

You don’t want to lump yourself in with all the others, am I right?

Offering up only what you think people want to hear.

Don’t fall into that dime a dozen category, but instead BE YOU to render your competition irrelevant.

Yes, it’s that simple.

There are thousands of coaches, website designers, and virtual assistants ready to offer up support. Still, if you’re one of those professionals looking to grow your business in this saturated online abyss … you can fuel your biz merely by being YOU.

There is only one you.

And what is so remarkable about this?

You can differentiate yourself by showcasing your Greenlights:

  • Delivering a consistent brand message & maintaining a worthy online presence
  • Being candid, genuine, and adding a dash of personality
  • Connect with people to offer value and authentic support
  • Streamline your onboarding & offboarding process
  • Offer value and an overall exceptional experience
  • Confidently embrace the role of a high performer
  • Stop running red lights … if it’s not working, hit refresh and go

It’s a stop at red, refresh and when you’re ready, go (green) that can change your biz for good.

As Matthew McConaughey describes in his unconventional memoir, Greenlights, he speaks of our ability to overcome roadblocks. To acknowledge reoccurring themes, and recognize who you’ve become. Just be a good human.

He’s a straight shooter, and as you know, I’m a sassy, straight-up kinda gal. So, I can appreciate McConaughey’s advice … “when you step in sh*t … learn to scrape it off your boots and move on.”

So, I leave you with this quick hitter McConaughey shares, “catching greenlights is about skill: intent, context, consideration, endurance, anticipation, resilience, speed, and discipline. We can catch more greenlights by simply acknowledging where the red lights are in our life and change the course to hit fewer of them.”

This message is the art of life and business.

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