Why a Tutu and a Hot Potato are bad for your business …

March 1, 2021

In each attempt to captivate your audience, it takes a little magic to whirl up a meaningful connection.

And before you get lost in the thought of Harry whisking together a spell …

You gotta know anything less than a genuine connection could be catastrophic to your business.

(a slight exaggeration, perhaps, but you must have an idea where I’m going with this).

Let’s call it out for what it is …       A BIG TURN OFF.

I know you’ve felt it.

The dreaded one-off DM with over-the-top messaging (& the infamous exclamation mark marathon!!!!!!).

Where a stranger blasts you with messages attempting to play the role of your long-lost BFF.

They pounce and stalk you as if you were prey.

Buttering you up with flattery and disingenuous inquiries.

That’s when the icky feeling of being in the company of a sleazy salesperson takes over and the sale. falls. flat.  

And in a flash, you’ve decided NO THANKS.

Leaving you no other choice than to hit DELETE, BLOCK & GOOD-BYE.

Good riddance.

Let’s face it; cold sales rarely generate good feelings.

And quick and dirty is memorable – said no one.

HINT: It’s never about the sale.

TRUTH: It’s all about the connection.

Sending out informal messages or an inadequate pitch, looking to establish a sale, or, better yet, a connection, is as attractive as picturing The Rock in a tutu.

If you’re stumped … stay with me.

Allow me to turn things around.

Some call it an exchange of energy.

Others refer to it as the law of attraction.

In the end, I’ll call it for what it is … excellent copy.

And excellent copy mirrors what you put out into the world.

Adorning a tutu, whisking together a spell, or dropping a cold pitch is not my style.

Note the difference: if you’re on a platform and someone is asking for guidance or support … I say, hit them up; that’s different. But always enter the exchange from a good place … out of genuine concern, interest and to offer a valuable solution.

How to attract those you desire to work with …

Well, now you’re aware that flattery will get you nowhere fast.

And the likes of dropping in like a hot potato … it will only burn ya.

But, if you come across as fun-loving, heart-centered, or poised like members of Bridgerton’s high society because they symbolize your ideal client … you will attract those you desire to serve.

And yet, if you’re looking to serve free-spirited yogi’s or briefcase toting executives … you’re messaging needs to be personality-driven, relatable, and targeted.

And here is how you do just that …

  1. snag their attention with headlines that will catch their interest
  2. let them know you did your homework … speak about their business, and don’t shy away from letting them know why you’d like to work with them and give them an example of the work you’ve done
  3. share compelling copy (a story) they’ll find insightful & will lean in to
  4. captivate, entertain, and convert in a way they’ll respond to (do your research)
  5. embed your style, vision, and voice in the copy, but keep your ideal client in mind, so all content speaks their language and invites them in
  6. be authentic and offer solutions that will provide invaluable insight or bring about the desired transformation
  7. design calls to action they’ll gravitate to and place CTA’s strategically

Creating connection-worthy content is not an easy task, but it is certainly doable. You can learn how to connect with your ideal clients by managing steps 1-7 and conducting follow up.

If you’re at a loss and you desire a copy makeover or support to pull your email campaign, sales page, or website copy together. Please send me a DM with CODE: LT67 or click here to connect.

Thrive by using words with purpose,


Lara Lee Taylor

Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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