Top 5 Copywriting Secrets to Attract 5-Star Clients

September 23, 2021



The truth is…

They show up in a way that makes them the ONLY option for five-star clients.

And to thrive in business, you need a power statement to stand out from the crowd.

You need the right angle, the right words, the right moves.

Starting with uncovering the exact words your audience needs to hear…

And that’s just the first step.

We’ve all been there, the failed attempts to magnetize people and maximize offers. 

And I get it; you keep at it because you love what you do and believe your offers should sell themselves.

Yet, no matter how you show up – more leads and new clients are hard to come by.

You don’t know what to change nor what to say…

For several reasons, the words aren’t coming through when your fingers hit the keyboard.


Attempting to write compelling copy that attracts clients is one easy way to grow your business…until it’s not.

Here’s what my clients say about their old ways of writing copy…

It was time-consuming.

It was repetitive.

It was not well-received.

Can I share a few simple shifts for you to avoid the same pitfalls?  

To go from unseen and unheard to be seen, heard, and paid.

Remember this!

I’m not here to change the way you do business or alter your big vision.

But I do want you to think about how you’re brand is perceived.

  • Is your brand messaging bland, boring, or buttoned-up? 
  • Do you sound like everyone else in your space?
  • Do your guru-inspired freebies choke your audience with regurgitated rants? 

If you answered yes, to any of the above, make yourself comfy and drink this in…

Before you create another freebie, free workshop, or masterclass… 

Time to step back and reassess your brand message and positioning.

We’ve all done it – found ourselves drowning in the sea of similarity.

And let’s be real, your competitors are wizards at putting their own spin on it.

But we have a little magic up our sleeves too.

Ready to get laser-focused?

The following Top 5 Copywriting Secrets (simple shifts) will enable you to align with your ideal clients perfectly. 

Remember this!

1. Don’t keep writing the same old thing or sound like everyone else

Think of it this way; if you were a restauranteur with tired décor, bland food, and lackluster ambiance, customers would drop off and your business would be in trouble. 

You’d struggle to book tables and generate consistent revenue (not to mention having to refute bad reviews on the regular). 

Can you imagine what Gordon Ramsey would say? 

Indeed, there would be hell to pay and an F-bomb or two!

Remember this!

  • Incorporate on-point messaging and stay on-brand 
  • Use personality-infused copy to resonate with your audience
  • Share a story of two to set yourself apart from all the rest
  • Promote a brand voice that sounds like you (only better)

2. Make your business (& your messaging) as unique as your fingerprint

Love him or hate him, Simon Cowell has been right on the money. 

Night after night, we’d watch as Simon ridiculed American Idol contestants for sounding like all the rest. 

He was relentless in his search for that special something.

But when he heard the unique talent of Kelly, Fantasia, and Carrie, he was intrigued. 

Do you see where I’m going with this? 

Step up to the ‘mic’; make your next move – a one-of-a-kind power statement that singles out your brand message and positioning. 

Your message (as Simon would say) should be uniquely your own.

3. Set yourself apart in this crowded marketplace

Gain an awakening and break free from the dime a dozen mentality.

If your messaging sounds like all the rest, you’re not sending the right emotional signals to stop buyers in their tracks. 

As Strunk Jr. and White said, “words are powerfully seductive. A unique combination of them can be the key to someone’s heart”.  

Set yourself apart by creating a process unique to you – describe your proven framework, method, or process. 

Resonate with your audience by sharing your story, adding humor, personality, and relatable bits. 

And keep in mind, connection-driven copy will almost always compel them to take action

4. Step into the arena and own your space 

Build your credibility by leveraging a client copy strategy that is anything but a carbon copy of your competitors. 

Clarify (& charge up) your brand position, offers, and marketing with a little copywriting magic.

Create an inviting theme and a unique process that sets you apart to render your competition irrelevant

5. Celebrate and promote your unique process (method, framework…)

As I mentioned earlier, your messaging (& offers) should be a unique as your fingerprint. 

It won’t be easy, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it (duh), and each entrepreneur would be a multi-millionaire. 

So, before you throw in the towel, it’s simple… 

Look at your favorite artist, brand, or guru. 

Take note of their brand message and positioning. What stands out to you? What makes them unique?

Review their ads, brand voice, and engagement (public relations) as well as their brand story. 

Determine how it all makes you feel, think, and ultimately, ask yourself if you want to buy or read more. 

We surround ourselves with hundreds of examples each day – put the noise to good use.

Once you unlock the power of your brand message and positioning, your irresistible power offer can reel in the right people and make real money.

Bonus Tip – Do your research – ask your audience what they want, what they need. This is a step that many business owners either avoid or overlook. Don’t shy away from asking your audience what they’re interested in and how you can be of benefit to them. 


How you show up today can alter your business tomorrow.

I’m here to help those introverted business owners who refuse to blend in.

I’m here to help those who want to be Top-of-Mind and an In-Demand Brand – is that you?

Hi, I’m Lara, but please call me LT.

Have we met? I FEEL LIKE WE HAVE.

Following over a decade in the online space helping some of the most beloved brands…

I know exactly how to switch up your…

  • Brand messaging and positioning
  • Traffic to your website
  • Connections and conversions
  • Imperfect pitches 
  • Email sequences

…by a whole bunch. Right now.

Click the link in my bio to show up like the world’s most beloved brand, or visit to book services to land game-changing copy.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

That’s the real question.

Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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Click here to connect with LT to master your message & turn browsers into buyers.

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